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Situated at the corner of Avon and Westminster, effectively the entrance into Montreal-West,

and amid the many historic properties that have established this municipality as being a heritage residential neighborhood. With direct access to parks, recreational options and quality services as well as to the downtown core via the AMT rail line, The Easton is an ideal address for young professionals, families, empty-nesters and anyone looking for an exceptional quality of life.

Within walking distance to the commercial zone along Westminster

Direct and immediate access to quality services including:

Grocery, Medical, Dining, Shopping, Art, and others;

Direct and immediate access to Green Spaces, Parks and Sports and Recreational options.

Immediate access to public transportation (Bus and Train)

Proximity to several major autoroutes (20-E, 20-W and 720 Interchange)



With a unique historic suburban quality and the benefits of its immediate proximity to downtown, Montreal-West is a rare town, both charming & dynamic. Having direct access to public transportation, first class schools and quality essential services, this neighborhood is an ideal location for young professionals, families, empty-nesters and anyone looking for an exceptional quality of life.

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